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Transactions and due diligence are a core element of our practice.  


We have been involved and continue to be involved in some of California's most complex and high-profile transactions, including the redevelopment of brownfields into productive mixed used projects, the sale and acquisition of active and past Superfund sites, closed hazardous wastes sites, and the potential repurposing of a closed landfills for recreational needs.


We handle both simple real estate transactions and complex mergers and acquisitions, from purchase and sale agreements to Prospective Purchaser Agreements and CLRRA Agreements.

We have decades of experience with due diligence and special expertise with the standard for all appropriate inquiry under ASTM 1527.  To provide cost-efficient service to our clients, we have prepared a proprietary ASTM checklist for purpose of asserting defenses to liability under CERCLA's all appropriate inquiry standard.














Covid-19 and local and state shelter-in-place order affect
due diligence activities.

Vapor Intrusion: Closing the Gaps

in Due Diligence 

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