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EPR Packaging Requirements/Truth in Labeling

We assist companies comply with extended producer responsibility ("EPR") packaging programs, including SB 54, California's EPR packaging law.  Since the first EPR packaging laws were passed in 2021, we have been monitoring and tracking developments in all applicable states (at this point, primarily California, Oregon, and Colorado), attending regulatory workshops, reviewing draft regulations, interfacing with regulatory staff, networking with other EPR professionals and stewardship groups, and attending the Circular Action Alliance's monthly Producer Working Group meetings.


Due to California's outsized economy and its position as a leader in consumer product initiatives -- such as Proposition 65, SB 54, and other packaging and "truth in labeling requirements -- both national and international companies are looking to understand and comply with California laws, sometimes on a proactive basis and sometimes in response to inquiries from their customers. We track developments in the field and help clients handle compliance inquiries up and down the supply chain.

We are actively involved with California's Plastic Pollution Reduction & Packaging Producer Responsibility Act ("SB 54")  through participation in the National Stewardship Action Council's SB 54 Working Group, where we chair the Subcommittee on Labeling, End Markets, Education & Communication. SB 54 represents one of the most significant pieces of environmental laws passed in decades at either the state or federal level and will have a major impact on companies that conduct business in California. 

We are affiliated with EPR Group Consulting, a new consulting firm designed to assist companies comply with all of the new state EPR packaging initiatives, including California, Colorado, Maine, and Oregon, on a nation-wide basis.

We are spearheading an effort by IR Global, Inc. an international consortium of law firms and financial professionals, to create a national and international network of legal professionals who can provide legal advice about EPR packaging laws as needed on a nation-wide and global basis. EGC is IR Global's only California environmental law member

Applying for an Exemptionunder California's Packaging and Food Serviceware EPR Law (SB 54)

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Exemptions under
California's Packaging and 
Food Serviceware EPR Law (SB 54) 

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