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Dorothy (Dee Dee) Dickey has been selected to serve as an advisor to the  California Lawyers Association, Environmental Law Executive Committee.

October 5, 2019



Environmental General Counsel LLP is an environmental boutique law firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer a broad range of permitting, enforcement, compliance, consultation, and transaction-related services in the field of environmental and natural resources law.  We bring decades of experience with complex litigation to our practice, including some of the leading cases in the field under both federal and state environmental laws. 

EGC represents a wide range of industries, including bio/pharma, energy, consumer products, clothing and accessories, food processing, high tech, industrial, recycling, and real estate. Our clients include Fortune 500 and S&P 500 companies, publicly-traded companies, national and international privately-owned companies, family businesses and trusts, and others.


EGC was established to create a better platform for the practice of law. EGC's business model fosters teamwork and collaboration, places a premium on client service rather than billable hours, and provides the flexibility we need to better meet client objectives. EGC can cost-effectively manage conventional environmental services but we are also prepared to handle more complicated and challenging projects.


Streamlined Services: EGC has front-loaded the legal work for targeted practice areas; we have conducted in-depth research, consulted with environmental regulators, collaborated with leading consulting firms, created templates and checklists, brainstormed together, and developed scopes of work for certain projects.  We offer these services with specific time-frames and end-goals.

Seasoned Judgment: EGC has extensive experience assisting clients with challenging situations that require practical advice and seasoned judgment. We help clients respond to emergencies, such as releases of asbestos-containing materials, air-borne lead-based paint, and vapor intrusion. We have special expertise with environmental audits for domestic and international companies, and decades of experience handling environmental aspects of real property and facility acquisitions.

Broad-Based Experience: All EGC attorneys have worked on a wide variety of environmental matters. Each of our partners has over 24 years of experience. Collectively, we have over 150 years of experience; we have practiced with Big Law, served as counsel for regulatory agencies, and represented publicly-traded companies as in-house counsel. 


Lauren "Laurie" Berger

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