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Our Proposition ("Prop") 65 practice focuses on Prop 65 compliance and product stewardship programs.  As investors are looking more closely at corporate responsibility initiatives and companies are focused more on data supply chain management, companies looking to initiate or upgrade their product stewardship programs or respond to customer inquiries about Prop 65 compliance may want to consider a Prop 65 compliance program. 

For companies that elect to implement a compliance program -- whether for product stewardship purposes or to avoid or defend a Notice of Violation -- EGC can counsel you on how to plan, implement, and manage a Prop 65 compliance program.  EGC works in collaboration with experienced Prop 65 environmental consultants to help you plan your program strategically -- armed with information about the enforcement and regulatory landscape.


We also defend Prop 65 claims; we are handling the appeal of a company that was sued for failing to warn about exposure to a chemical not contained in or emanating from its product.  We prevailed in Alameda Superior Court on a motion to dismiss and are now representing our client on appeal.  

We collaborate with some of the best professionals in the field.  We work with well-known Prop 65 consulting firms and we have a team of experienced attorneys to assist with our compliance and defense work. 

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