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With single use packaging and/or plastics extended producer responsibility (EPR) laws in four states (California, Oregon, Colorado, and Maine) and several other states proposing to adopt similar laws, compliance can be complicated.  

EPR Group Consulting provides companies with customized and cost-effective advice about their obligations under the EPR packaging laws.


We can help your company answer critical questions, such as:


  • Is your company regulated by any of the EPR laws?

  • What materials and/or packaging used by your company are regulated by the EPR laws?

  • What should you be doing to plan for these EPR laws?

  • What can you do to reduce applicable fees in the producer responsibility organizations?


We can support your company in the following ways:


  • Present customized training modules on specific or general aspects of EPR laws as applicable to your company

  • Support your company’s participation in producer responsibility organizations

  • Track, evaluate, and/or comment on proposed regulations on your company’s behalf

  • Identify legal and other professional resources available on a national and international basis for your EPR compliance needs           

  • Provide other support as requested

For further information about services and pricing, please contact Catherine W. Johnson at or at 925-400-9025 or visit our webpage at EPR Group Consulting

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