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Property Contamination Attorney

An Expert Property Contamination Attorney Offering Environmental Litigation Services

When you need an expert Environmental Law Firm with decades of experience in the field, come see us at Environmental General Counsel LLP. We are a firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers everything from environmental litigation services to Prop 65 Compliance. When you need a property contamination attorney who understands the complexities and nuances of both federal and California State Law, give us a call. No other environmental law firm offers the same level of expertise or experience that we do at Environmental General Council and no matter how complex or difficult your case may be, we are happy to help. We represent a wide range of industries and businesses that run the gambit from family businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Join us today to see what we can achieve together.

We represent a wide array of businesses in the real estate sector — including single-family home builders, multi-family residential owners, developers, and commercial property owners. If you are a real estate professional who needs an experienced property contamination attorney to handle your next development project, give us a call. We’ve handled contaminated sites overseen by the EPA, DTSC, RWQCBs, in addition to local agencies. We are well versed in all aspects of the procedure, and we are happy to counsel you on compliance issues. Improper handling of a contaminated property can quickly turn a prime investment into a money pit and to prevent that from happening, it helps to have a seasoned attorney to coach you on the proper protocols. Give us a call today if you need expert environmental litigation services from a team of dedicated professionals. Our attorneys have decades of experience working with the top law firms in the country. Contact us today to book a consultation if you’re interested in retaining our services.

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