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Environmental Law Attorney

An Expert EH & S and Environmental Law Attorney with Decades of Experience

When you need an experienced environmental law attorney with decades of experience working with both federal and California state Law, come see us at Environmental General Counsel LLP. We are a group of seasoned attorneys who are leading the department of environmental law in California and beyond. We are proud to represent a vast array of businesses across a variety of complex industries from real estate to industrial manufacturing. We are well versed in all aspects of environmental law, but we specialize in a handful of practices that range from environmental health and safety compliance to proposition 65. When you need an experienced EH & S attorney to handle your environmental litigation services, come see us at Environmental General Council.

We know federal and state regulations like the back of our hand, and we are happy to counsel you to ensure that you comply with the law. Our practice offers a full range of regulatory requirements that apply to operational activities — including permitting, variances, enforcement representation, assistance with programs, procedures and auditing and so much more. If you choose to work with EGC, you will have an experienced EH & S Attorney by your side as you navigate through all the paperwork and procedures. Health and Safety Regulations — especially in a state like California — can get complex and overwhelming for those who are not experienced in the proper protocols. That’s why it helps to have an experienced environmental law attorney by your side to help you overcome and hurdles and avoid expensive mistakes. Our team has years of experience in environmental law, and we are here to help you achieve the most cost-effective compliance outcomes possible. Give us a call today if you need environmental litigation services or an experienced EH&S attorney to represent your business.

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