Our background with USTs goes back a long way. Long before EGC was a law firm, ECG attorneys were active in the field of USTs -- some from the rule-making perspectives (supporting the U.S. EPA in the development of financial responsibility requirements applicable to USTs) and others litigating some of the landmark UST cases and guiding clients through the then-new regulations governing the UST Cleanup Fund.  Since then, collectively, we have handled hundreds of Cleanup Fund applications and scores of Fund appeals to the State Water Resources Control Board.

We have extensive experience with some of the complicated issues that arise under the Cleanup Fund and deal with the Fund staff routinely on a wide variety of issues. We also counsel clients on liability issues that arise in connection with abandoned USTS, releases, and the unique corrective action requirements that apply to USTs.

We advise clients about various compliance matters associated with USTs, including closure requirements and responsibility for closure in the case of acquisitions or when USTs may be in public right of ways.


You may need to check with several different local agencies
in some cities to properly close an UST.

Click here for a copy of the UST Fund regulations.