EGC attorneys have decades of experience handling or serving as co-counsel for a variety of litigation matters, including several landmark reported cost recovery actions under state and federal (CERCLA) law, as well litigating matters of first impression, such as the scope and applicability of the industrial stormwater permit to the transportation industry -- and one of the first personal injury claims involving vapor intrusion. 

We currently represent a publicly-traded company in a multi-million dollar complex litigation matter involving cutting edge issues in a CERCLA cost recovery  litigation. 

We routinely handle Proposition 65 citizens' suit claims and have experience with most of the major plaintiff's groups.

We staff litigation matters leanly and cost-efficiently but are prepared to bring in co-counsel if or when needed. We are also available to serve as co-counsel on litigation matters where we can offer special expertise (e.g., NCP compliance in cost recovery actions and environmental expertise in bankruptcy claims).


We handle administrative appeals, and have special expertise with appeals from UST Cleanup Fund decisions and appeals to the State Water Resources Control Board. One of our recent matters involved an administrative appeal on behalf of a client who allegedly failed to allow an adjacent property owner access to its property for purposes of investigating the extent of migration to our client's property.  


In federal court in the Northern District of California, all civil matters will be decided
on the papers through September 30, 2020, or a hearing will be held remotely

Click here for a copy of the 2019 United Artists Theater Circuit case on the liability of prior property owners for releases under the Porter-Cologne Act.