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Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental General Counsel

Our EH&S compliance counseling practice includes the full range of EH&S regulatory requirements that apply to operational activities, including permitting, variances, enforcement representation, assistance with programs, procedures, training, and auditing designed to protect employees, the public and the environment.

EGC brings decades of experience

to the table supporting the EH&S

compliance needs for a wide

variety of industries.

We support clients in achieving the most efficient,
cost-effective compliance outcomes by getting to know the client’s business, products, facilities, and culture. Through this understanding, and by working cooperatively with governmental agencies to improve their understanding of the business, we gain trust
and confidence that regulatory compliance is an important priority and produce win-win results.

Representative Experience

  • Represent clients in successful settlement and resolution of Notices of Violation/Notices to Comply received from local and state enforcement agencies (Cal-OSHA, Regional Air Districts including BAAQMD and SCAQMD, CARB, EPA, Regional Water Boards, and local CUPAs) for alleged facility operational compliance violations and/or product violations.

  • Advise clients regarding:

    • Hazardous waste generator status, hazardous waste determinations, and exceptions, exemptions, and reporting;

    • Universal waste

    • Air emissions, process and equipment permitting

    • Industrial wastewater permitting and compliance

    • Stormwater monitoring, permitting, and compliance

  • Negotiate settlement agreement with U.S. EPA regarding storm water violations

  • Conduct compliance audits of EH&S regulatory compliance at numerous industrial manufacturing facilities under attorney-client confidentiality privilege and oversee development and implementation of preventive and corrective actions.

  • Advise clients regarding reporting to agencies under state or local audit or self-disclosure policies and negotiate waiver or significant reduction of fines and penalties for violations. 

  • Prepare EH&S compliance program documentation for clients, including policies, programs, procedures, training materials, recordkeeping guidance, and audit protocols.

  • Advise bio-pharmaceutical clients regarding medical waste, animal care requirements, radiological materials licenses, and industrial alcohol permitting.

  • Advise clients regarding EH&S risks and liabilities associated with purchase and sale transactions