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EGC attorneys have special expertise with contaminated properties. We have handled some of the Bay Area's most significant development projects, military base closures, and high profile vapor intrusion sites, including regulatory ordered
evacuations of commercial and residential properties — and closure of a middle school.

We handle contaminated sites overseen by U.S. EPA, DTSC, RWQCBs, and several local agencies. We are familiar with all aspects of cleanup and work closely with
some of the best environmental consulting firms in the business. We counsel clients
on compliance with cleanup orders; reporting and disclosure obligations that may
apply to the discovery of contaminants in soil, groundwater, oil vapor, and indoor air; potential sources of cost recovery, including possible causes of action against other liable parties, insurance, available state funding, and negotiation tactics to bring other responsible parties to the table.


We have special expertise with pollution legal liability (PLL) policies and work
with carriers to ensure our clients are reimbursed for legal and consulting fees as required by the policy. 

We represent Fortune 500 companies at both state and federal Superfund landfill sites. 

We have over a decade of experience  with NCP compliance and serve as special counsel  for law firms and consulting firms seeking to comply with U.S. EPA and DTSC requirements for Feasibility Studies and other CERCLA requirements.


The DTSC, SWRCB, and the San Francisco Bay RWQCB have recently issued
long-awaited new draft guidance for the investigation of vapor intrusion.
This new guidance is expected to have major impacts on properties contaminated with volatile organic compounds.

Click here for article by Josh Bloom about new U.S. Supreme Court case
affirming right of states to sue for non-CERLCA claims at U.S. EPA Superfund Site.