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Environmental Compliance & Enforcement

Environmental General Counsel

We have extensive experience with local, state, and federal environmental laws, including rule-making, policy, permitting,

and enforcement expertise.

Establishing positive relationships with regulators and developing a reputation for candor is critical both for compliance and enforcement matters.

Representative Experience

  • Advise international construction company about applicability of air permit requirements to portable equipment used on job site

  • Represent national carpet cleaning company in enforcement action brought by local district attorney alleging violations of hazardous waste laws

  • Represent national transportation companies in enforcement actions brought by U.S. EPA alleging violations of the California Truck & Bus Regulation

  • Represent local transportation company in enforcement action brought by AQMD

  • Represent local recycling company in enforcement action brought by U.S. EPA alleging violations of storm water permit

  • Supervise preparation of several asbestos operations and maintenance plans for national REIT and other owners of commercial properties

  • Represent national transportation company in action brought by a city alleging violations of UST requirements

  • Supervise major lead-abatement project in high-rise apartment complex, involving temporary evacuation of over 150 residents

  • Advise national recycling company on which materials used in their facilities were considered hazardous wastes for disposal purposes

  • Represent high tech company in proceedings before regional AQMD involving need for permit for spray paint activities

  • Advise public transportation facility about reporting requirements applicable to discharges of gasoline products from facility

  • Advise private transportation facility about Clean Water Act permit requirements for activities conducted near the shoreline

  • Advise bio-pharmaceutical clients regarding medical waste, animal care requirements, radiological materials licenses, and industrial alcohol permitting.

  • Advise metal recycling facility about storage and shipment of electronic wastes

  • Advise high-tech company about universal waste requirements

  • Prepare compliance manual for USTs for national transportation facility

  • Advise property owner about inadvertent releases of ACM during construction project

  • Represent scrap metal recycling company in enforcement action by DTSC regarding alleged

  • Hazardous waste violations

  • Advise public agency about reporting requirements applicable to inadvertent discharges to surface water

  • Represent manufacturing facility in closure of permitted hazardous waste storage facilities