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EGC is a woman-owned environmental boutique law firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area founded by Catherine Johnson. She has decades of experience with all aspects of environmental law, including compliance, enforcement, cleanups, litigation, and risk allocation. Her core practice areas at EGC are transactions, development and remediation projects (with special expertise in vapor intrusion) -- and Proposition 65. 

EGC's clients include Fortune 500 and S&P 500 companies, national and international privately-held companies, publicly-traded companies, public agencies, family businesses, trusts, and a B Corporation. Our real estate clients include real estate investment trusts, equity investors, multi-family residential owners, national and regional developers, an affordable housing authority, and commercial property owners. We also represent the maritime industry, national food and beverage manufacturers and retailers, and various manufacturing industries. 

EGC's cutting-edge projects include representing the Port of Oakland in the development of the Howard Terminal into a ballpark and waterfront development for the Oakland A's; representing a B-Corporation navigate the Green Guides for purposes of advertising a new sustainable beverage product; handling a successful appeal for a company accused of a Proposition 65 violation for failing to warn about exposures to a Proposition 65 chemical not present in the company's products (after winning a motion to dismiss at the trial court); planning and implementing Proposition 65 compliance plans for leading food and beverage and health care companies; managing a remediation project where property is contaminated with newly-regulated and emerging contaminants; and representing numerous property owners respond to potential or actual vapor intrusion risk at commercial and residential properties. 

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